Wedding Emergency Survival Kit - The ORIGINAL* is still the BEST! OUT OF STOCK
Small sewing kit
Safety pins
Small scissors
Small can of hair spray
Hair pins
Cotton swabs
Band aids
Small snacks
Breath mints
Brush/comb for hair
Small portable mirror
Hand lotion
Spot remover
Sanitary supplies
Clear nail polish
Nail file
Nail clippers
Extra panty hose
Extra earring backs
Baby wipes
Shoe polish
Scotch tape
Crazy Glue
...All in a beautiful white carrying case

Only $49.95+tax & shipping
It’s better to be safe then sorry! Since you never know what unexpected events may happen on your big day, we have prepared a kit of “must haves” for you to keep on hand for those “just in case” moments.

*Helping solve the wedding emergencies of Brides
Since 2000


Since the strangest things always happen at the most inappropriate times, here's a little help in diverting those crises and keeping the day running smoothly.

Scenario: It's the final minutes before your walk down the aisle. Your maid of honor gives you one last, quick hug before she makes her entrance. As she turns away, you are both horrified by the sound of her pantyhose ripping.

Scenario: You and your groom anticipated a romantic, enchanting spring ceremony. What you didn't anticipate was your wedding day coinciding with the highest pollen count of the season.

Weddings are always full of surprises. Most of them are pleasant; however, the strangest things have a way of happening when you are the least prepared. Pack the Wedding Emergency Survival Kit and keep it handy on your wedding day. You never know what disaster you'll be averting!

The Wedding Emergency Survival Kit can't fix EVERYTHING.  Here are some strategies for dealing with potential wedding day emergencies...

Emergency Tip #1
Traffic Congestion

We've heard from numerous brides who have arrived late to their own weddings because of either poor planning or vehicle malfunctions. Be safe map out an alternative route from place to place and arrange for alternative transportation, just in case! Every Professional DJ should have a multi faceted back up plan for transportation and equipment.  New York City, New Jersey, Washington D.C. and Baltimore wedding DJ's know how to navigate traffic headaches and leave extraordinarily early in anticipation of tie ups.  DJ's in Connecticut, New Hampshire and rural Pennsylvania and Upstate and Central New York have experience with remote locations and rural routes which can be confusing to out of town guests and contractors. Make sure that everyone has a firm action plan to deal in advance with possible traffic congestion. Repeat this mantra, GPS, GPS, G-P-S!

Emergency Tip #2
Double-Booked Ministers, Photographers & DJ's

Sad but true. Ask your officiate to double-check his or her availability when you first make arrangements, and again the week of the wedding. The "Double booked DJ" is another true horror story told by far too many brides.  Less than reputable disc jockey companies many with part time "weekend warriors" in their ranks will often make changes at the last minute resulting in a Disc Jockey who has no clue what you have in mind for your reception turning up unannounced. Even worse if your reception ends before 7pm your DJ may have booked a second event in the evening which negates any possibility of extending your event if the party is hopping.  It's also a HUGE distraction as the DJ begins focusing on a fast tear down and quick drive to the next event when he should be focused on YOUR party.  Dealing with a full time professional Wedding DJ who does only one event per day ensures that the DJ you plan with is the DJ who will perform at your reception.

Emergency Tip #3
Lost Limousines, DJ's & Caterers

Yes, this actually happens. Photographers, Disc Jockeys and even caterers get lost sometimes, too. Before your wedding, have all drivers confirm the directions to your destination to be sure they're exact. Most Full time wedding DJ's have embraced GPS and while systems can have quirks they are generally very accurate.  Ask your wedding disc jockey if he uses a GPS system and if not just make sure you confirm his directions.

Emergency Tip #4
Cake Mistake and other Disappointments

Many brides have complained that their cake didn't taste or look as good as was expected. This often happens with less experienced bakers, such as those who don't specialize in wedding cakes. Definitely go in for a tasting before you sign a contract or pay any money, because the vendor just may not be able to provide the quality you're expecting.  The same goes for ALL of your vendors. Quality not price should be your driving factor when it comes to the vendors who drive your event. Using a Wedding Professional who deals with the special intricacies and expectations that accompany a wedding day can save you a lot of headaches on the big day.  A professional wedding DJ for example will be able to provide you with planning tools that can help you pace the days events and ensure a smooth effortless presentation that you can relax and enjoy with your guests.

Emergency Tip #5
Rain at an Outdoor Wedding

If you're having an outside ceremony and/or reception, insist on a rain contingency. This works as a backup plan in case it rains. If your ideal ceremony site does not have an ideal backup (an alternate indoor setting), you may need to choose another. Never forget your wedding DJ in your contingency plans.  Water and electricity just don't mix.  Consult with your professional Wedding DJ to make sure that contingencies for inclement weather are sufficient so the party can continue rain or shine!

Here in Syracuse and Central New York, not many folks plan weddings much before June 1st and there are only a handful who brave late October events. The reason? SNOW.  Syracuse DJ's know how to prepare for snow emergencies.  Just like New York City and New Jersey wedding DJ's know how to navigate traffic headaches and leave extraordinarily early in anticipation of tie ups.  Professional wedding disc jockey s in Connecticut, New Hampshire and rural Pennsylvania  have experience with remote locations and rural routes which can be confusing to out of town guests and contractors.

All wedding emergencies can be dealt with by remaining cool and by relying on the members of your bridal party and by involving your wedding professionals in every step of the planning.  Your Wedding DJ can offer advice on a pretty broad range of wedding day topics.  An experienced DJ has seen many of these emergencies and can offer advice to help get things back on track.  That's the difference between a part time weekend DJ and a full time professional with the experience to assist in all facets of your reception.

Here are some more common Week of the wedding / Day of the wedding emergencies and strategies to prepare to cope with them.

Keep the bench DEEP!

A member of the bridal party is called out of town for his or her job or is in an accident, or too sick to be in the wedding. Plan for this! When you make up your list of bridesmaids and groomsmen, list a couple of “alternates” just in case!

Sitting with your back to the driver in the limo.
With all the excitement, you may be overly warm, you start feeling queasy….and get sick! Some people can get motion sickness sitting in a car in a way that their body is not accustomed to. Limo drivers are the best! And good at being smooth drivers, but sit facing the driver!

Your uncle’s old Ford broke down.
You want to save some money on a limo and your uncle has an old classic car he volunteers to drive you in, but it breaks down. The car isn’t a bad idea, the solution is to have a friend drive behind you just in case that old classic dies!

Early Bird NOT the worm!
You are having the pictures taken before the ceremony and someone is late! This can ruin the whole schedule very quickly! Taking pictures before your ceremony is a great idea but only if you insist that everyone be very early. What does “early” mean? Here’s a good standard: If they had a flat tire, they could get it fixed and still be on time!”

Perfume going in...
A headache or upset stomach because you drank champagne on an empty stomach. Most of us here in the real world rarely drink it so we aren’t prepared for what it can do to us. Eat a little something before downing the bubbly! It may save your night!

Here's a Tip!

Gratuities for service providers are traditional during the wedding day. While in most situations a gratuity is given for EXCEPTIONAL service, in the wedding business some companies actually include the gratuity in the contract. Tips for the servers, the priest or minister, limo driver, DJ, videographer, photographer, bartenders, etc can easily add up to hundreds of dollars! Decide how much you have spent and tip accordingly, as you would in a restaurant, better service gets a bigger tip!

Not breaking in your shoes!
And this goes for the whole bridal party! Not being able to dance at your own wedding without a lot of pain (or your maid of honor can’t dance with you to all your favorite songs from the college days) is a real disappointment. Plan ahead! Even bring a second pair of shoes for dancing! Remember, you will set the tone for the reception. And if the guests don’t see you dancing, they will be less inclined to dance as well!

Not packing a “Wedding Emergency Kit.
Put a little bag together containing the following: A needle and thread, An extra pair of contacts, Asprin or Tylenol, Tums, Breath Mints, Make up. An extra pair of Panty Hose, Shoe polish for touch ups, Band-Aids, Tissues, Safety pins, AND, Whatever else you can think of!

Don't want one more thing to remember then order one above for only $39!

Remember the wisdom of Poor Richards Almanac "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Keep Murphy and his nasty law off your reception guest list!

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